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Rosen Group Job Opportunities

Rosen Group Job Opportunities

The ROSEN Group is a globally leading provider of cutting-edge solutions in all areas of the integrity process chain. The business is privately owned and employs a team of almost 3,000 workers, operating in more than 120 countries.

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Sales Manager                                                                                            Mumbai , Maharashtra , India

Engineer Assistant                                                                                      Bogota

Masterarbeit im Bereich der Systemarchitektur                                 Lingen

Eigenentwicklung vs. 3rd Party Software – Strategieentwicklung für Integrity-Softwarelösung              

Expeditie Medewerker                                                                              Oldenzaal

Product Manager (Hardware) for the support of the In-Line Inspection Tool Fleet – Crack Detection (all genders welcome)                                                           Lingen

Empfangsmitarbeiter (m/w/d)                                                                Lingen

in Teilzeit                                                                                                           

Quality Intern                                                                                              Kuala Lumpur

Field Service Technician                                                                            

Data Analyst                                                                                                Perth, Western Australia

Software Developer Python / DevOps (all genders welcome)        Lingen/Osnabrück

Mitarbeiter (m/w/d) in der Werkzeugvorbereitung für die Zerspanung   Lingen

Technical Data Analyst (all genders welcome)                                   Lingen

Technical Data Analyst (all genders welcome)                                   Lingen

Internship Legal & Compliance                                                               Kuala Lumpur

Field Service Engineer                                                                               Perth

Head of Supply Chain Management (m/w/d)                                     Lingen

Request & Order Administrator (m/w/d)                                             Lingen

Proposals & Contracts Administrator                                                    Rio de Janeiro

Financial Controller (m/w/d)                                                                   Lingen

IT Service Engineer – Network Administration (all genders welcome)       Lingen

IT Service Engineer – Firewall Administration (all genders welcome)         Lingen

Schülerpraktikant (w/m/d)                                                                      Lingen

Medewerker debiteurenbeheer                                                             Oldenzaal

Software Produktmanager (m/w/d) im Bereich Finance                 Lingen

Internship Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)                                 Kuala Lumpur

IT Service Architect Cloud Services, Azure und O365 (all genders welcome)          Lingen

Internship for Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)                           Kuala Lumpur

Zerspanungsmechaniker in der Kunststofffertigung (m/w/d)         Lingen


Field Service Technician Niet Destructief Onderzoek (NDO)           Rotterdam

Wash Bay Technician                                                                                 Oldenzaal

Ausbildungsplatz: Zerspanungsmechaniker (m/w/d)                        Lingen

Fachrichtung Fräs- oder Drehtechnik                                                                  

Ausbildungsplatz: Elektroniker für Geräte und Systeme (m/w/d) Lingen

Ausbildungsplatz: Elektroniker für Betriebstechnik (m/w/d)          Lingen

Stellv. Produktionsleiter (m/w/d) für unsere Kunststoffproduktion mit dem Schwerpunkt Prozessoptimierung                                                                                   Lingen

Translator                                                                                                     Kazakhstan

Sales Manager – Integrity Solutions and Non-Destructive Diagnostics      Kazakhstan

Inventory Specialist                                                                                   Kazakhstan

Proposal Specialist                                                                                     Kazakhstan

GIS Data Integration Analyst                                                                   Kazakhstan

Project Controller (Commercial Specialist)                                          Oldenzaal

Schedule Lead                                                                                             Kazakhstan

Head of Distribution Office (m/w/d)                                                     Lingen

Field Service Technician (inline inspection)                                         France

Elektroniker (m/w/d)                                                                                 Lingen

Werkstoffprüfer (m/w/d) der Fachrichtung Metalltechnik              Lingen


Data Management & Engineering Specialist (all genders welcome)          Lingen/Osnabrück

AI Specialist (all genders welcome)                                                       Lingen/Osnabrück

Commercieel medewerker binnendienst (Proposal Specialist)      Oldenzaal

Field Service Technician NDT                                                                  Kazakhstan

Sales Manager                                                                                            Perth, Western Australia

Sales Manager in the Proficient Diagnostics field                              Kazakhstan

Field Service Engineer                                                                               Kazakhstan

Treasury Specialist                                                                                     Bogotá

Jahrespraktikum oder Freiwillig Soziales Jahr bei ROBIGS               Lingen

Jahrespraktikum oder Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr bei ROKIDS           Lingen

Compensation and Benefits Specialist                                                  Kuala Lumpur

BERGEN, NORWAY Maintenance Technician Mechanic                   Bergen

BERGEN, NORWAY Maintenance Technician Mechanic                                     

Application Specialist – Metal Loss Application Lifecycle Manager (all genders welcome)                                                                                                                       Lingen

PRAKTIKUM ODER STUDENTISCHE TÄTIGKEIT                                    Lingen

IM BEREICH DIGITALES MARKETING                                                               

PRAKTIKUM ODER STUDENTISCHE TÄTIGKEIT IM BEREICH MEDIEN DESIGN UND MARKENKOMMUNIKATION                                                                     Lingen

IT Service & Product Manager (m/w/d)                                                Lingen

Digital Workplace (Client & Support Management)                                               

Internship Finance                                                                                     Kuala Lumpur

Werkstudierende für den Bereich Elektronikentwicklung (m/w/d)            Lingen

Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical Electronic)                                 Kuala Lumpur

Software Developer / Consultant – PLM (m/w/d)                              Lingen/Osnabrück

Senior Integrity Engineer                                                                          Newcastle Upon Tyne

Prozessoptimierer in der Mechanikfertigung (m/w/d)                     Lingen

IT Service Technician (m/w/d) – Modern Workplace in the area of Software Distribution und Windows 10/11                                                                                          Lingen

Processes & Systems Specialist (all genders welcome) – Company Supply Chain   Lingen

Scheduling Coordinator                                                                            Buenos Aires

Englischsprachige Erzieher (m/w/d) für den Krippen- oder Elementarbereich in Voll- oder Teilzeit                                                                                                          Lingen

Tank Inspector (EEMUA 159 and/or API 653)                                     Oldenzaal

Field Service Technician NDT                                                                  Oldenzaal

Proposal Engineer                                                                                      Kuala Lumpur

Data Analyst                                                                                                Kyiv

Senior Procurement Specialist                                                                 

Digital Marketing Specialist (m/w/d)                                                     Lingen

Zerspanungsmechaniker (m/w/d) als Fräser in der Keramikfertigung       Lingen

im flexiblen Tagschichtmodell                                                                             

Specialist for Explosion Prevention (all genders welcome)             Lingen

Grundschullehrer/in (m/w/d)                                                                 Lingen

englisch- oder deutschsprachig                                                                          

Data Scientist (all genders welcome)                                                    Lingen/Osnabrück

SAP Inhouse Consultant MM (m/w/d)                                                  Lingen

Software Developer C# / Test Automation (all genders welcome)             Lingen/Osnabrück

Sales Manager                                                                                            Kuala Lumpur

IT Helpdesk Support                                                                                  Bogota – Colombia

Maintenance Technician NDT (ROSEN EUROPE NCL)                       Newcastle

Shop Operation Internship                                                                       Kuala Lumpur

Associate Pipeline Integrity Engineer                                                     

Field Service Preparation Technician                                                    COTA – Colombia

Internship for Evaluation & System Implementation                        Kuala Lumpur

Supply Chain Packer                                                                                  Cota

Erzieher (m/w/d) für den Krippen- oder Elementarbereich in Voll- oder Teilzeit  Lingen

Software Developer (all genders welcome)                                        Lingen

Senior Accountant                                                                                     Kuala Lumpur

Junior IT Service & Product Manager (m/w/d)                                   Lingen

Digital Workplace (Client & Support Management)                                               

Internship Shop Operations                                                                      

Ausbildungsplatz: Konstruktionsmechaniker (m/w/d)                      Lingen

Ausbildungsplatz: Industriemechaniker/in (m/w/d)                          Lingen

Ausbildungsplatz: Maschinen- und Anlagenführer (m/w/d)           Lingen

Internship Human Resource                                                                    Kuala Lumpur

SPECULATIVE APPLICATION                                                                     Lingen, Osnabrück, Karlsruhe, Bremen, Enschede

FOR A THESIS, AN INTERNSHIP OR A STUDENT JOB                                    

Maintenance Technician Mechanic                                                       Melbourne

NDT Field Service Technician – EEMUA 159 / API 653                       Newcastle

Risk Engineer / Integrity Engineer (all genders welcome)               Lingen

FIELD SERVICE TECHNICIAN                                                                     Buenos Aires – Argentina

Full Stack Developer                                                                                  Bogota, Colombia

Maintenance Technician Electronic                                                      Perth, Australia

Sales Manager cum Project Manager                                                   Beijing, China

Hybrid role of SM & PM                                                                                      

Rosen Group Job Opportunities
Rosen Group Job Opportunities
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