September 24, 2022
ExxonMobil Oil and Gas Jobs

ExxonMobil Oil and Gas Jobs

ExxonMobil Oil and Gas Jobs, ExxonMobil is one of the biggest companies in the world. It is an American multinational oil and gas company, formed in 1999 by the merger of Exxon and Mobil. It is the largest refiner in the world. ExxonMobil is headquartered in Irving, Texas, United States. It is the parent company of Esso in the UK. ExxonMobil has a long history of questionable behaviour, including the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska, which was a watershed moment for environmental critics of the oil industry. The company has been criticised for many of its activities, from funding climate change sceptics, massively influencing American foreign policy, increasingly drilling in terrains leased by dictatorships and its involvement in the Canadian tar sands.

ExxonMobil Oil and Gas Jobs

Process Technician – Sarnia                                                  Sarnia, ON, CA

Meccanico di Raffineria                                                        Trecate, NO, IT

South AP MBU Demand Planner                                          Bangkok, 10, TH

Control Room Supervisor                                                      singapore, 01, SG

Operator in der Messwarte (m/w/d)                                  Großenkneten, NI, DE

Fuel & Offsites Senior Technician – Huizhou                      Huizhou, GD, CN

Refinery Process Operator                                                    Botlek, Rotterdam, ZH, NL

XTO Production Technician                                                   Carlsbad, NM, US

Operations Supervisor – Sarnia                                             Sarnia, ON, CA

Supply Chain Coordinator, Germany Logistics Operations               Budapest, BU, HU

Contracts Lead                                                                        Huizhou, GZ, CN

Electrician – (Pipeline – Wink)                                                Wink, TX, US

XTO IC&E Technician                                                              Carlsbad, NM, US

Machinist                                                                                  Billings, MT, US

Operator Process Plant / Außenoperator (m/w/d)          Großenkneten, NI, DE

LDPE Senior Technician – Huizhou                                       Huizhou, GD, CN

Supply Chain Coordinator, France Logistics Operations Budapest, BU, HU

Olefin Senior Technician – Huizhou                                     Huizhou, GD, CN

Crude Lifting Analyst                                                              Georgetown, DE, GY

Procurement Contract Admin Associate – Global Projects Bengaluru, KA, IN

Procurement Contract Admin Associate                            Bengaluru, KA, IN

Supply Management Analyst with Dutch                           Budapest, BU, HU

Junior Marine Claims Analyst                                               Budapest, BU, HU

LLDPE Technician – Huizhou                                                  Huizhou, GD, CN

Olefin Technician – Huizhou                                                  Huizhou, GD, CN

Operation Analyst                                           Taitang, JS, CN

Shift laborant Antwerp Refinery                  Antwerpen, Antwerp, VAN, BE

Production Engineer (Taicang)                     Taicang, JS, CN

Operations First Line Supervisor                  Tsing Yi, Hong Kong, HK, HK

Supply Management Analyst with German            Budapest, BU, HU

Blending Technician                                       Tai Cang, JS, CN

Terminal Operator in Tournai                      Tournai, Brussels, WHT, BE

Analyzer Technieker – Antwerpen raffinaderij       Antwerp, Antwerpen, VAN, BE

Operations Engineer (LDPE) – Huizhou       Huizhou, GD, CN

Operations Engineer (Utilities) – Huizhou  Huizhou, GD, CN

Préparateur / Supérviseur Automatisme   Fos-Sur-Mer, U, FR

Técnico de mantenimiento (Electricista Industrial)             Ciudad de Mexico, MEX, MX

Ship Operations Inspector                            Rotterdam, Botlek, ZH, NL

Supply Management Analyst with Italian  Budapest, BU, HU

Electrician (Instrumentation) (Pipeline – Midland)               Midland, TX, US

Environmental Air Advisor                            Joliet, IL, US

Production Technician                                   Carlsbad, NM, US

LDPE Shift First Line Supervisor LDPE装置班长 – Huizhou 1             Huizhou, GD, CN

Utilities Shift First Line Supervisor Utilities 装置班长 – Huizhou     Huizhou, GD, CN

Metals (Fixed Equipment) Technician         Singapore, 01, SG

XTO Production Technician ( Alexander, ND)        Alexander, ND, US

Chargé d’affaires projets H/F                       Notre Dame de Gravenchon, Q, FR

Inland Operations Foreman                          Hong Kong, HK, HK

Electrisch Technieker Antwerpen raffinaderij       Antwerpen, Antwerp, VAN, BE

Warehouse Operations Advisor                   Huizhou, GZ, CN

PP Technician – Huizhou                                 Huizhou, GD, CN

Co-Product Technician – Huizhou                Huizhou, GD, CN

LDPE Technician – Huizhou                            Huizhou, GD, CN

System Engineer – Advanced                         tai cang, JS, CN

Fuel & Offsites Technician – Huizhou          Huizhou, GD, CN

Utilities Technician – Huizhou                       Huizhou, GD, CN

Operator                                                           Hong Kong, HK, HK

Contracts Lead                                                Shanghai, SH, CN

Maintenance Technician (Rotating Equipment) – Huizhou Huizhou, GD, CN

Maintenance Technician (Fixed Equipment) – Huizhou       Huizhou, GD, CN

Senior Maintenance Technician (Analyzer) – Huizhou         Huizhou, GD, CN

Process Research Technician                        Machelen, Belgium, BRU, BE

T&L Contracts Manager                                Shanghai, SH, CN

Maintenance Technician (Instrumentation & Electrical) – Huizhou Huizhou, GD, CN

Instrumentatie Technieker – Raffinaderij Antwerpen         Antwerp, Antwerpen, VAN, BE

Chemical Process Operator                          Botlek, Rotterdam, ZH, NL

Maintenance Foreman                                   Williston, ND, US

XTO Compressor Mechanic (Williston, ND)           Williston, ND, US

Operations Engineer (Olefin) – Huizhou      Huizhou, GD, CN

Process Technician – Nanticoke Refinery   Nanticoke, ON, CA

XTO Production Technician (Carlsbad)        Carlsbad, NM, US

Stage digitalisation                                         Notre-Dame-de-Gravenchon, Q, FR

Schichtführer – Thönse (m/w/d)                   Thönse, NI, DE

Supply Chain Coordinator, Italy Logistics Operations         Budapest, BU, HU

Well Operations Supervisor                          Georgetown, DE, GY

Operator Antwerp Polymers Plant       Antwerpen,Antwerp,Zwijndrecht, VAN, BE

Maintenance Scheduler Antwerp Polymers Plant Antwerpen,Antwerp,Zwijndrecht, VAN,

Machinist / Millwright Craftsperson    Sarnia, ON, CA

Maintenance Supervisor – Analyzer (Huizhou)       Huizhou, GD, CN

Maintenance Supervisor (Instrumentation & Electrical) – Huizhou Huizhou, GD, CN

Maintenance Supervisor (Fixed Equipment) – Huizhou       Huizhou, GD, CN

Maintenance Supervisor (Rotating Equipment) – Huizhou Huizhou, GD, CN

Superviseur / Préparateur Fer               Fos-Sur-Mer, U, FR

Lab Technician                                         Botlek, Rotterdam, ZH, NL

Technician (offshore)                              Offshore Terengganu, 11, MY

Operations Technician                            Singapore, 01, SG

Maintenance Engineer                           Bengaluru, KA, IN

SAP Marine logistics supervisor            singapore, 01, SG

Research Lab Technician                        Machelen, Belgium, BRU, BE

Fuel & Offsites Shift First Line Supervisor 油品及储运装置班长 – Huizhou               Huizhou, GD, CN

Co-Product Shift First Line Supervisor Co-Product装置班长 – Huizhou        Huizhou, GD, CN

Metal Trade Job Leader                         Botlek Rotterdam, ZH, NL

Metal Trade Planner                               Botlek, Rotterdam, ZH, NL

Electrical Technician                               Botlek, Rotterdam, ZH, NL

LLDPE Shift First Line Supervisor LLDPE装置班长 – Huizhou            Huizhou, GD, CN

Instrumentatie Technician                     Botlek Rotterdam, ZH, NL

Logistics Coordinator, Marine Operations EMEA Budapest, BU, HU

Opérateur dépôt pétrolier – Lyon (CDD)  Lyon, U, FR

France Logistics Coordinator                Notre-Dame-de-Gravenchon, Q, FR

Process Operator Raffinaderij Antwerpen             Antwerpen, Antwerp, VAN, BE

Marine Claims Analyst                                     Budapest, BU, HU

Control System Engineer                                 Beaumont, TX, US

Technician (Olefin/Co-product/PP/LDPE/LLDPE/Utilities/Fuels & Offsite) – Huizhou                                                                             Huizhou,

Analyzer Technician                                         Singapore, 01, SG

Power Distribution Technician                       Singapore, 01, SG

Machinery Technician                                      Singapore, 01, SG

Instrumentation & Electrical Technician      Singapore, 01, SG

ExxonMobil Oil and Gas Operations Jobs
ExxonMobil Oil and Gas Operations Jobs
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