December 7, 2023
ExxonMobil Oil and Gas Jobs

ExxonMobil Oil and Gas Jobs

ExxonMobil Oil and Gas Jobs, ExxonMobil is one of the biggest companies in the world. It is an American multinational oil and gas company, formed in 1999 by the merger of Exxon and Mobil. It is the largest refiner in the world. ExxonMobil is headquartered in Irving, Texas, United States. It is the parent company of Esso in the UK. ExxonMobil has a long history of questionable behaviour, including the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska, which was a watershed moment for environmental critics of the oil industry. The company has been criticised for many of its activities, from funding climate change sceptics, massively influencing American foreign policy, increasingly drilling in terrains leased by dictatorships and its involvement in the Canadian tar sands.

ExxonMobil Oil and Gas Jobs

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Senior Polyolefin Process Engineer                                    Beaumont, TX, US

Piping Engineer                                                                       Bengaluru, KA, IN

Electrical Engineer                                                                 Singapore, 01, SG

Reliability Engineer                                                                Bengaluru, KA, IN

Electrical Engineer                                                                 Beaumont, TX, US

Electrical Engineer                                                                 Bengaluru, KA, IN

Analyst – Singapore Maintenance                                      Singapore, 01, SG

2023INH – Marine Engineer                                                 Bengaluru, KA, IN

Geotechnical Engineer                                                          Bengaluru, KA, IN

Maintenance Engineer (Planning/Scheduling)                Bengaluru, KA, IN

Kearl Mining Engineering Student – September 2023   Kearl , AB, AB, CA

Field Engineer – SH                                                                 Shanghai, SH, CN

Instrument Engineer                                                             Sriracha, Chonburi, 20, TH

Mechanical Integrity Engineer                                            Joliet, IL, US

Machinery Engineer                                                              Port Moresby, NCD, PG

Instrumentation and Controls Engineer                           Port Moresby, NCD, PG

Process Engineer                                                                    Sriracha, Chonburi, 20, TH

Intern / Industrial Trainee                                                    Kuala Lumpur, 14, MY

Field Engineer – Tangerang                                                  Tangerang, BT, ID

Field Engineer – Sulawesi                                                      Tangerang, BT, ID

Lead Mechanical Engineer                                                   Channahon, IL, US

Production Engineer                                                              Bengaluru, KA, IN

Reliability Engineer                                                                Huizhou, GD, CN

Advanced Production Engineer                                          Bengaluru, KA, IN

Upstream                                                                                 Kuala Lumpur, 14, MY

Campus Recruitment for 2023 Hiring (Technical – All Engineering)             Singapore, 01, SG

General (Open) Application                                                 Kuala Lumpur, 14, MY

OEM Technology Specialist with German                        Prague, PR, CZ

Professional Apprenticeship & Learning Program (PINNACLE)     Kuala Lumpur, 14, MY

Reservoir / Geoscientist                                                       Kuala Lumpur, 14, MY

Manufacturing Technical Expert H/F                                Notre-Dame-de-Gravenchon, Q, FR

Campus Recruitment for 2023 Hiring (Commercial)      Singapore, 01, SG

2023 Campus Recruitment (Technical- Chemical Engineering)     Singapore, 01, SG

Machinery Engineer                                                              Singapore, 01, SG

Senior Engineers                                                                     Botlek, Rotterdam, ZH, NL

Engineer (Kuala Lumpur Technology Center)                  Kuala Lumpur, 14, MY

Pipeline Design and Integrity Engineer                             Bengaluru, KA, IN

Riser Design and Analysis Engineer                                   Bengaluru, KA, IN

Huizhou Campus                                                                    Huizhou, GD, CN

Static Equipment Engineer                                                  Bengaluru, KA, IN

2H2023 Internship Program (Commercial)                      Singapore, 01, SG

Application Engineer                                                             Trecate, NO, IT

Project Design Engineer                                                       Bengaluru, KA, IN

Baton Rouge Senior Process Engineer                              Baton Rouge, LA, LA, US

Field Electrical Engineer                                                       Baton Rouge, LA, US

Field Electrical Engineer                                                       Spring, TX, US

Field Engineer                                                                         Spring, TX, US

Machinery Engineer                                                              Spring, TX, US

Field Engineer                                                                         Baton Rouge, LA, US

Power Systems Engineer                                                      Spring, TX, US

CO2 Pipeline Asset Engineer                                               Spring., TX, US

Fixed Equipment & Inspection Engineer                          Singapore, 01, SG

ITH – Contact Engineer / Ingegnere Analista di Processo Trecate, NO, IT

Feedstock Planning Engineer                                              Hui Zhou, GD, CN

Returnship-Engineering                                                         Bengaluru, KA, IN

Technical Engineer (Utilities) – Huizhou                            Huizhou, GD, CN

Internship Engineer Belgium – 2023                                  Antwerp Area, VAN, BE

Graduate Engineer BSc / HBO                                             Botlek, Rotterdam, ZH, NL

2H2023 Internship Program (Technical- All Engineering)               Singapore, 01, SG

2H2023 Internship Program (Technical – Chemical Engineering)  Singapore, 01, SG

Assistant Application Engineer                                           HuiZhou, GD, CN

Stage ingénieur – Contrôle qualité de produits lubrifiants             Notre Dame de Gravenchon, Q, FR

Flow Assurance Engineer                                                     Bengaluru, KA, IN

Subsea Engineer                                                                     Bengaluru, KA, IN

Apprenti ingénieur spécialiste machines tournantes    Notre Dame de Gravenchon, Q, FR

Junior Technical Engineer with German                           Prague, PR, CZ

Junior Technical Engineer with Turkish                             Prague, PR, CZ

Technical Engineer (PP)                                                        Hui Zhou, GD, CN

Control Systems Specialist                                                   Baytown, TX, US

Assistant Control Systems Engineer                                  HuiZhou, GD, CN

Assistant Analyzer Engineer                                                Huizhou, GD, CN

Assistant Instrument Engineer                                            Huizhou, GD, CN

Senior Aromatics Manufacturing Engineer                      Singapore, 01, SG

Finishing Improve Engineer (Baton Rouge)                     Baton Rouge, LA, US

Finishing Improve Engineer (Beaumont)                          Beaumont, TX, US

Process Control Engineer                                                     Beaumont, TX, US

Graduate Engineer – Belgium – 2023                                 Antwerp Area, VAN, BE

Operations Engineer (FO)                                                     Hui Zhou, GD, CN

Graduate Engineer – Netherlands – 2023                         Botlek, Rotterdam, ZH, NL

Epidemiologist                                                                        Spring, TX, US

Machinery Engineer                                                              Baytown, TX, US

Process Engineer                                                                    Singapore, 01, SG

Technical Engineer (LLDPE)                                                  Hui Zhou, GD, CN

Senior Process Operations Professional                           Fawley, HAM, GB

Geoscientist: Reservoir Modeling                                      Bengaluru, KA, IN

Kearl Mining Engineering Students – September 2023 Calgary, AB, AB, CA

Assistant Terminal Manager                                               Sriracha, 20, TH

Static Equipment Engineer                                                  Botlek, Rotterdam, ZH, NL

Production Engineer (Taicang)                                           Taicang, JS, CN

Instrument Engineer                                                             Huizhou, GD, CN

Reliability / Maintenance Engineer                                   Sriracha, Chonburi, 20, TH

Mechanical / Material Engineer                                         Sriracha, Chonburi, 20, TH

Ingénieur Systèmes en informatique industrielle           Notre-Dame-de-Gravenchon, Q, FR

Ops Tech – Facilities/ Process Safety Engineer                Bengaluru, KA, IN

Process Control Applications Engineer                             Singapore, 01, SG

Process Technician                                                                 Singapore, 01, SG

Technical Service Engineer                                                  Shanghai, SH, CN

Machinery Engineer                                                              Botlek, Rotterdam, ZH, NL

Applications (Controls) Engineer                                        Huizhou, GD, CN

Inspection First Line Supervisor                                          Huizhou, GD, CN

Inspecteur de Port                                                                 Notre-Dame-de-Gravenchon / Fos, Q, FR

Field Engineer – Xi’an                                                             Xi’an, SX, CN

Apprenti Ingénieur Procédes / Environnement              Notre Dame de Gravenchon, Q, FR

Modularization and Fabrication Advisor                          Bengaluru, KA, IN

Machinery Engineer                                                              Bengaluru, KA, IN

Senior Manufacturing Engineer (Fuels and Utilities)     Singapore, 01, SG

Electrical Engineer                                                                 Baton Rouge, LA, US

Environmental Advisor                                                         Beaumont, TX, US

Fluid Catalytic Cracking Process Engineering Associate   Spring, TX, US

Graduate Engineering Internship Recruitment Program Port Moresby, NCD, PG

Graduate Engineering Recruitment Program                  Port Moresby, NCD, PG

Mechanical / Machinery Engineer                                     Sriracha, Chonburi, 20, TH

Marine Terminal Engineer                                                   Bengaluru, KA, IN

Pipeline Integrity Engineer                                                  Bengaluru, KA, IN

Integrity Engineer                                                                  Bengaluru, KA, IN

Mechanical Contact Engineer                                             Baytown, TX, US

Data Scientist                                                                          Kuala Lumpur, 14, MY

Senior Rotating Equipment Engineer                                Baton Rouge, TX, US

Assistant Electrical Engineer                                                Huizhou, GD, CN

Assistant Machinery Engineer                                             HuiZhou, GD, CN

Senior Facilities Planner                                                        Baytown, TX, US

Senior Chemical Process Engineer                                     Beaumont, TX, US

Ingénieur Procédés / Designer H/F                                    Fos-sur-Mer, U, FR

化工装置技术操作岗 Intern                                              Huizhou, GD, CN

Process Operator Raffinaderij Antwerpen                       Antwerpen, Antwerp, VAN, BE

Machinery Technician                                                           Singapore, 01, SG

Damage Prevention Technician (Pipeline – Friendswood, TX)       Friendswood, TX, US

Polyvalent Technician Meerhout Polymers Plant          Meerhout, Antwerpen, VAN, BE

Electrical Technician                                                              Botlek, Rotterdam, ZH, NL

Terminal Process Technician                                               Singapore, 01, SG

Anlagenführer/Chemikant (m/w/d)                                   Großenkneten, NI, DE

Process operator Antwerp Polymers Plant                      Zwijndrecht, Antwerpen, VAN, BE

Technician (Offshore)                                                            Offshore Terengganu, 11, MY

IT Application Engineer (m/w/d)                                        Hannover, NI, DE

Lab Technician                                                                        Taicang, JS, CN

Ausbildung zum Industriemechaniker (m/w/d)              Sulingen, NI, DE

Operational Buyer/Strategic Buyer                                   Huizhou, GD, CN

Préparateur / Superviseur Instrumentiste H/F               Fos-Sur-Mer, U, FR

Process Safety Engineer                                                       San Martino di Trecate, NO, IT

FEP Shift Process Technician                                               Fife, FIF, GB

Schichtführer – Söhlingen (m/w/d)                                    Brockel, NI, DE

Measurement Technician                                                    Carlsbad, NM, US

Operation Analyst                                                                  Tianjin, TJ, CN

Alternance BTS métiers de la chimie – Fos-sur-Mer       Fos-sur-Mer, U, FR

Production Technician                                                          Alexander, ND, US

Fuel & Offsites Technician – Huizhou                                 Huizhou, GD, CN

Analyser Technician                                                               Botlek, Rotterdam, ZH, NL

Operations Technician                                                          Singapore, 01, SG

DTC Pilot Plant Outside Operator                                      Huizhou, GD, CN

Technical Production Analyst                                              Spring, TX, US

Maintenance & Repair Technician                                     Tsing Yi, HK, HK

Electrician                                                                                Paulsboro, NJ, US

Process Technician                                                                 Edmonton, AB, CA

LDPE Technician – Huizhou                                                   Huizhou, GD, CN

LLDPE Senior Technician – Huizhou                                    Huizhou, GD, CN

Co-Product Senior Technician – Huizhou                          Huizhou, GD, CN

LDPE Senior Technician – Huizhou                                      Huizhou, GD, CN

PP Senior Technician – Huizhou                                          Huizhou, GD, CN

PP Technician – Huizhou                                                       Huizhou, GD, CN

Olefin Senior Technician – Huizhou                                    Huizhou, GD, CN

Olefin Technician – Huizhou                                                 Huizhou, GD, CN

Utilities Senior Technician – Huizhou                                 Huizhou, GD, CN

Maintenance Supervisor – Analyzer                                   Huizhou, GD, CN

Maintenance Supervisor (Rotating Equipment)              Huizhou, GD, CN

Operations Engineer (Utilities) – Huizhou                         Huizhou, GD, CN

Maintenance Technician (Instrumentation & Electrical) Huizhou, GD, CN

Chemisch Analist                                                                    Botlek, Rotterdam, ZH, NL

Deployment Planner                                                              Bengaluru, KA, IN

Initiative Co-ordinator                                                          Bengaluru, KA, IN

Norman Wells (NDP) – Trades Millwright support Intern               Norman Wells, NT, CA

Community Affairs Assistant Intern – Norman Wells (NDP)           Norman Wells, NT, CA

Norman Wells (NDP) – Plant / Field Operator Intern     Norman Wells, NT, CA

Stage Bachelorproef/ masterproef studenten Antwerp Refinery               Antwerpen, VAN, BE

Research Technologist – Film Testing                                Bengaluru, KA, IN

Information Management Engineer (APM)                     Bengaluru, KA, IN

Analyzer Technician                                                               Singapore, 01, SG

Power Distribution Technician                                            Singapore, 01, SG

Instrumentation & Electrical Technician                          Singapore, 01, SG

Shift Laborant Raffinaderij Antwerpen                             Antwerpen, VAN, BE

Opérateur Extérieur Offsite – Fos-sur-Mer                       Fos-sur-Mer, U, FR

Superviseur / Préparateur Entretien Général H/F         Fos-Sur-Mer, U, FR

DTC Pilot Plant Console Operator                                      Huizhou, GD, CN

Alternance Technicien Mécanicien sur Machines Tournantes – Fos-sur-Mer          Fos-sur-Mer, U, FR

Alternance Technicien Métier du Fer – Fos-sur-Mer     Fos-sur-Mer, U, FR

Alternance Technicien IEA – Fos-sur-Mer                         Fos-sur-Mer, U, FR

Alternance BTS Conception et Réalisation en Chaudronnerie Industrielle (Bacs) UIMM                                                                                                   Notre Dame de Gravenchon, Q, FR

Instrumentation Technician                                                Botlek Rotterdam, ZH, NL

FAW Instrument Technician                                                Fawley, HAM, GB

FAW Electrical Technician                                                    Fawley, HAM, GB

Maintenance Technician (Fixed Equipment)                    Huizhou, GD, CN

Maintenance Technician (Rotating Equipment)              Huizhou, GD, CN

Job Leader / Field Supervisor Metal                                  Botlek Rotterdam, ZH, NL

Midstream Operations Supervisor                                     Tsing Yi, NT, HK, HK

Alternance Brevets Opérateurs 2023-2024 NDG           Notre Dame de Gravenchon, Q, FR

Metals (Fixed Equipment) Technician                               Singapore, 01, SG

Préparateur / Superviseur Automatisme H/F                 Fos-Sur-Mer, U, FR

Chemical Process Operator                                                 Botlek, Rotterdam, ZH, NL

Alternance Ingénieur Procédés 2023-2024                     Notre-Dame-de-Gravenchon, Q, FR

Civil Jobleader                                                                         Botlek, Rotterdam, ZH, NL

Civil Planner                                                                             Botlek, Rotterdam, ZH, NL

Refinery Process Operator                                                   Botlek, Rotterdam, ZH, NL

Pipeline Controller                                                                 Surrey, SRY, GB

Opérateur extérieur H/F                                                      Notre-Dame-de-Gravenchon, Q, FR

Contract Manager (Craft Labor Services)                         Huizhou, GD, CN

Werktuigbouwkundige Werkvoorbereider                      Botlek, Rotterdam, ZH, NL

Operator                                                                                   Tsing Yi, HK, HK

Innenoperator /Konsolenoperator/Chemikant (m/w/d) Großenkneten, NI, DE

Alternance IFP School 2023-2024                                      Notre-Dame-de-Gravenchon, Q, FR

Surveillance Engineer (m/w/d)                                           Hannover, NI, DE

Reservoir Engineer (m/w/d)                                                Hannover, NI, DE

Operations Engineer(Co-product)                                      Hui Zhou, GD, CN

Utilities Technician – Huizhou                                              Huizhou, GD, CN

Blending Technician                                                              Tai Cang, JS, CN

ExxonMobil Oil and Gas Operations Jobs
ExxonMobil Oil and Gas Operations Jobs
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