September 25, 2022
EPROM Operations and Maintenance Jobs

EPROM Operations and Maintenance Jobs

EPROM is the sole leading company in Egypt to Manage and Operate Projects. The company
particularly operates Oil Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Marine Terminals and Gas Plants, among
other technical services it provides.

EPROM is known and established to use the latest Operations and Maintenance Management techniques
to deliver the best results which have been proved to exceed clients ‘requirements and expectations.
EPROM as an EGPC company has a huge potential to be awarded multiple contracts acting as the sole
O&M provider for all prospective companies within the Egyptian Petroleum Sector. EPROM is backed
up with huge resources; expertise, manpower, not to mention the well-tailored training programs
provided to employees of highest technical calibre.

Worth mentioning is the fact that all large scale contracts awarded to EPROM since its establishment in
2002 (initially under the name MIDOM) have been smoothly renewed up until today in a clear sign of
content and satisfaction with EPROM performance so far; as regards, work fluency, plant outputs,
promptness and feasibility.

Based on its successive achievements within local market EPROM currently seeks further expansion in
the region and has been technically accepted in several international bids it has participated in; be it
directly as a main contractor or indirectly as a subcontractor to other companies.
For that reason and more EPROM has founded a couple of prominent branches in Africa and the Gulf
Area to avail its outstanding services in both regions in an attempt to strengthen its existence there as
well as facilitate work flow and coordination with its sites around and employees the world.

Operation (7)

Maintenance (9)

Maintenance Planning (5)

Information Technology (6)

Health, Safety & Environment (3)

Inspection & Reliability (1)

EPROM Operations and Maintenance Jobs
EPROM Operations and Maintenance Jobs
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